xde title… ;p

uikksss.. da pagi da.. nape cam x prasan je nie.. khusyuk sgt keje kot..huhuhuhu.. mate nie pun blh thn ngantuknye.. ari nie dpt gaji.. fuhhh.. lega sket rase.. da ade duit nie xtau plak nak beli ape..n yg penting bile mase nak kuar shopping.. cam nie la nasib aku dlm mase 6 bln nie.. redha

Sun Sign Taurus – Dec, 20

December 20, 2006You have an unusual gift for making a situation seem less dramatic, hernee. With today’s astral energy at play, you will witness crises of all kinds. You will be the one who reassures people and who is able to sum up the situation objectively, without panicking or exaggerating. This, coupled with your legendary

Love Taurus – Dec, 20

December 20, 2006The current alignment of the planets encourages you to want to take a risk with a certain relationship, yet also causes you to feel very apprehensive about doing so. You are faced with a fair amount of inner tension, which is something you generally try to avoid. However, on this occasion the conflict


mmmmmmmmm.. ngantuknye g keje ari nie.. ikut ati nak je tdo ngan nyenyaknye.. da le ujan2.. wat keje sorg2.. boringnye.. sejuk gile lak tu.. da le pemanis en.ittgate x keje mlm ari nie.. kalo x ceria sket idup walopun keje sorg2.. hehehehe..rase x ckup tdo la.. smlm assistant mase keje 7E da khilangan ayh tsyg..

Love Taurus – Dec, 19

December 19, 2006The planetary alignment adds just that little bit of spice to a normally very sweet mix. Although no one would ever accuse you of being manipulative, you tend to get what you want by making others feel so guilty they just give it to you anyway. But you won’t even need to do

Sun Sign Taurus – Dec, 19

December 19, 2006A new love relationship should be appearing over the horizon, hernee, perhaps with someone as creative as yourself. This could cause a rush of self-doubt, particularly about your appearance, but don’t waste any time with this. It’s your energy the person is drawn to! Some fascinating conversations could take place, and feelings should

Sun Sign Taurus – Dec, 10

December 10, 2006Something that is important to you is changing, hernee, and you are beginning to doubt whether there’s a future in it or not. It may be a career field, or it could be a romantic relationship. Confusion may dominate your thoughts throughout the day, and you aren’t one to be comfortable with an

Sun Sign Taurus – Dec, 19

December 9, 2006If you have been considering writing or teaching, today is the day to get started, hernee. Your imagination is intense, as is your level of inspiration, and your way with words is even sharper than usual. You could also play the role of the super saleswoman – so if you want to pitch

Aku Bukan Untukmu – Rossa

Dahulu kau mencintaiku Dahulu kau menginginkanku Meskipun tak pernah ada jawabku Tak berniat kau tinggalkan akuSekarang kau pergi menjauh Sekarang kau tinggalkan aku Disaat ku mulai mengharapkanmu Dan kumohon maafkan akuAku menyesal tlah membuatmu menangis Dan biarkan memilih yang lain Tapi jangan pernah kau dustai takdirmu Pasti itu terbaik untukmuJanganlah lagi kau mengingatku kembali Aku
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