Koleksi Menu Sihat & Seimbang


Saja Ummi jadikan koleksi menu-menu sihat sepanjang menjaga Syamil di hospital. Simpan kat blog ni dengan harapan Ummi boleh rujuk menu ni bila nak start makan makanan sihat semula ekekeke. Harap Ummi tak poyo la kan. Jom tengok sambil telan air liur.

❤ Mee Hoon ❤ Fish porridge ❤ Tea ❤ Milo

❤ Snow Fungus & Red Dates Chicken Soup ❤ Breaded Chicken with TeriyakiSauce and Cauliflower & Carrot ❤ White rice ❤ Orange juice ❤ Green apple

❤ Roasted Potato Soup ❤ Baked Fish with Fruit Salsa and Cauliflower & Carrot ❤ Broccoli Salad ❤ White rice ❤ Green apple ❤ Soybean Milk

❤ Baked Fish with Vegas in Puff Pastry and Snap Peas ❤ White rice ❤ Creamy Corn Soup ❤ Cucumber Raita (combination of iceberg lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, carrot and yogurt)  ❤ Apple juice ❤ Orange

❤ Chicken Ratatouille with Snap Peas ❤ Sup Petola & Sayur (Luffa with glass noodle soup) ❤ White rice ❤ Apple Juice ❤ Orange

❤ Tuna sandwich (layered bread with tuna mayo and vegetables) ❤ Koko Krunch (serve with milk) ❤ Coffee ❤ Milo

❤ Harissa Chicken and Grilled Eggplant with Tomato ❤ Zucchini and Broccoli Soup ❤Greek Salad ❤ White Rice ❤ Green Apple ❤ Orange Juice

❤ Baked Fish Provencal and Grilled Eggplant & Tomato ❤ Zucchuni and Broccoli Soup ❤ Greek Salad ❤ Mashed Potatoes ❤ Green Apple ❤ Orange Juice

❤ Steamed Fish with Citrus Sauce and Butter Zucchini & Carrot ❤ Mushroom Soup ❤ Vegetarian Nicoise Salad (composed salads with mayonnaise on lettuce based) ❤ White Rice ❤ Watermelon ❤ Apple Juice

❤ Grilled Chicken with Onion Sauce and Butter Zucchini & Carrot ❤ Vegetarian Nicoise Salad (composed salads with mayonnaise on lettuce based) ❤ White Rice ❤ Tea

❤ One egg (poached egg) Grilled Zucchini ❤ Sautèed Slice Mushroom ❤ Toasted Whole Meal Bread ❤ Koko Krunch (serve with milk) ❤ Coffee ❤ Milo

❤ Roasted Diced Chicken with Parsley Sauce and Roasted Pumpkin ❤ Coleslaw ❤ Vegetable & Barley Soup ❤ White Rice ❤ Green Apple ❤ Orange Juice

❤ Baked Fish A La King and Roasted Pumpkin ❤ Coleslaw ❤ Sup Ayam Kampung ❤ Green Apple ❤ Orange Juice

❤ Garlic Chicken and Iceberg Lettuce (sauteed chicken in spicy aromatic sauce) ❤ Vegetable and Tomato Broth Soup ❤ Tomato & Cucumber Coriander Salad  ❤ White Rice ❤ Papaya ❤ Orange Juice

❤ Pan Fried Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce and Mixed Vegetables ❤ ABC Chicken Soup (soup with potato, carrot, onion) ❤ Tomato & Cucumber Coriander Salad ❤ White Rice ❤ Papaya ❤ Apple Juice

❤ Chinese Style Fried Rice (fried rice serve with chicken, mixed vegetables and eggs) ❤ Koko Krunch (serve with milk)  ❤ Coffee ❤ Orange Juice



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  • Fatimah

    28/10/2017 at 8:40 am

    Yang menjaga orang sakit pun senang hati..menu semua best2x kan..heheheh

  • Ruslina

    28/01/2018 at 3:25 pm

    Moga cepat sembuh.

    1. Hernee Nazir

      30/01/2018 at 12:53 pm

      thanks ye awak..alhamdulillah..

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