Hapus – Aku Nidji

Kutuliskan kesedihan.. Semua tak bisa kau ungkapkan.. Dan kita kan bicara dengan hatiku.. Buang semua puisi.. Antara kita berdua.. Kau bunuh dia sesuatu.. Yang kusebut itu cinta.. Yakinkan aku Tuhan Dia bukan milikku.. Biarkan waktu waktu.. Hapus aku… Sadarkan aku Tuhan Dia bukan milikku.. Biarkan waktu waktu.. Hapus aku…

Sun Sign Taurus Dec, 3

December 3, 2006 You have a generous spirit, hernee, but may be worried today that perhaps you have been too generous. If you’ve bought someone an especially large gift, you might be concerned that you’ve gone a bit overboard. It’s too late to return it, however. Don’t worry about it too much. Your mate will

Sun Sign Taurus – Dec, 2

December 2, 2006 A powerful feeling of love for someone from far away could strike you today, hernee. This might be someone with whom you’re involved on a professional level. If this is a romantic attraction, chances are that the person reciprocates your feelings, though may be too reserved to actually express them at this

Unfaithful – Rihanna

Story of my life Searching for the right But it keeps avoiding me Sorrow in my soul cause it seems that wrong really loves my companyHes more than a man and this is more than love the reason that this guy is blue the clouds are rolling in because I’m gone again and to him

Love Taurus Dec, 2

December 2, 2006Relationships may not appear to going as well as you would ideally like today. The day’s planetary energy makes it more difficult for you to get through to significant others, or for them to get through to you. So it would not be a very good time to issue any major ultimatums. Just

Taurus Dec ’06

December 2006As the month begins, Taurus, you’ll have the urge to make some changes. Try to imagine what you can do to make your life easier and more comfortable. A frustrating day on Monday, December 4, will be full of tight deadlines and roadblocks. Spend a quiet evening at home on December 6, working on

Taurus – The Female

Ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love, the Taurus female possesses the happy knack of making men feel marvellous right from the outset. With a love of good food and elegant restaurants, she often sets her sights on a “swish” house where she can play the hostess to perfection. There is, however, a dangerous tendency for
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