Info Sharing | 1 minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding with MMPS (Sunday, 3 August 2014)

1 minute simultaneous breasrfeeding


Date: Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Time: 1PM

Venue: Queensbay Mall or “VIRTUALLY” (anywhere)


How to join MMPS at Queensbay Mall:

Step 1 | Pre-register at

Step2 | Wait for MMPS’s email


How to join “Virtually” (means wherever you are):

Step 1 | Breastfeed for 1 min at 1pm on 3rd August

Step 2 | At 1.01pm, SMS/ Whatsapp <your name, your email> to 012 – 4588 582

Step 3 | (optional): Post your 1-min photo in facebook # tag “#mmps1minbf2014”


Contact: 016 – 5533 782

Facebook: Mother to Mother Peer Supportter (MMPS)




Mommies boleh join virtually sambil melaram baju raya ye.. hehehe.. abang ilham dah wean off.. jadi ummi tak dapatlah nak join.. kena kidnap adik zara la macam ni Winking smile


We support Breastfeeding!!


Ummi + Babah + Ilham

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