Jom Register NuffnangX

Saya dah register..

anda bila lagi? 🙂

nah baca macamana nak claim blog kat NuffnangX

credit info: NuffnangX

Claim your blog on NuffnangX

18 September 2012

Signed up with NuffnangX? Awesome!

Now you can find, follow and communicate with your favourite bloggers on mobile. To enhance your blog reading experience, you should claim and verify your blog.


Why should you claim and verify your blog?

• To verify you are the accurate owner of the blog
• To integrate conversations with bloggers
• Receive push notifications whenever you get a comment

Do take note that claiming and verifying your blog can only be done via the website,


Here’s how you can claim your blog:

1) Log in to your NuffnangX. (If you are a new user signing up, go through the Quickstart process before proceeding to step 2)

2) Look at the name you used to sign up with at the right hand corner of the screen.


3) Click on it, and go to “Claim my blog.”



lepas dah claim blog kat NuffnangX..

silalah download kat android apps on google play..


NuffnangX – Android Apps on Google Play

yeay! dah ada dah kat henpon saya..

anytime boleh skodeng blog2 best yang saya follow..


nahhh.. ni blog yang saya follow..

ada lagi kat bawah2 tu..

termasuklah terfollow blog sendiri 😉

jomlah sudi2kan follow belogs saya ye..

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