Mother Arabic Version by Sami Yusuf .. Saya Suka! :)

Al-Fatihah.. for my beloved mother..
Blessed is your face
Blessed is your name
My beloved
Blessed is your smile
Which makes my soul want to fly
My beloved
All the nights
And all the times
That you cared for me
But i never realised it
And now it’s too late
Forgive me

Now i’m alone filled with so much shame
For all the years i caused you pain
If only i could sleep in your arms again
Mother i’m lost without you

You were the sun that brightened my day
Now who’s going to wipe my tears away
If only i knew what i know today
Mother i’m lost without you

Ummahu, ummahu, ya ummi
Wa shawqahu ila luqyaki ya ummi
Ummuka, ummuka, ummuka ummuka
Qawlu rasulika
Fi qalbi, fi hulumi
Anti ma’i ya ummi
Mother… mother… o my mother
How i long to see o mother
“your mother, your mother, your mother”
Is the saying of your prophet
In my heart, in my dreams
You are always with me mother

Ruhti wa taraktini
Ya nura ‘aynayya
Ya unsa layli
Ruhti wa taraktini
Man siwaki yahdhununi
Man siwaki yasturuni
Man siwaki yahrusuni
‘afwaki ummi
You went and left me
O light of my eyes
O comfort of my nights
You went and left me
Who, other than you, will embrace me?
Who, other than you, will cover me?
Who, other than you, will guard over me?
Your pardon mother, forgive me

©Hernee Nazir – Sangat syahdu lagu ni.. lagi2 kalau tengok video klipnya. Meruntun jiwa huwaaaaaaa.. sure bergenang air mata saya, bukan dibuat2, tak sama sekali. Tak terbalas rasanya jasa mak kan. Semoga Allah tempatkan rohnya bersama2 roh orang2 yang beriman. Miss u mom!

Maafkan saya sebab jarang menjengah blog kawan2 dan jarang juga mengupdate blog saya ni. Saja nak merehatkan diri buat seketika. Sampai masa rajin saya datang nanti saya update selalu 🙂

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