Support Your Lokal Fashion Designers at SHEIN’s 9.9 Mega Sale


Support Your Lokal Fashion Designers at SHEIN’s 9.9 Mega Sale | Global fashion and lifestyle e-tailer SHEIN has never been shy in its support for local designers. Whether through design, art, or anything in between, Malaysian designers have been expressing themselves creatively and SHEIN has taken notice. Lokal designers have been doing Malaysia proud, bagging the most awards among all South-East Asians taking part in the SHEIN X 100K Challenge in 2021.

Fashion designer Li Wen won the Most Creative Award for her notable use of color contrast and loud prints, while Brian Khoo won the Voter Choice Award. Their collections have gone on to be sold on SHEIN.

It is often difficult for designers to translate their designs from paper to actual clothing. Even more difficult is bringing the clothes to the global audience. SHEIN offers emerging designers the chance to showcase their creations to the global market worldwide. SHEIN works closely with designers, guiding them from inception to sampling, production, and distribution.

Digital creator, actress, producer, model, and television host Yaya Zahir is a former reality TV star. She is another Malaysian designer who has previously collaborated with SHEIN, launching the SHEIN X YAYA ZAHIR collection which features a range of quirky and colorful statement pieces with a touch of edginess.

Support Your Lokal Fashion Designers at SHEIN’s 9.9 Mega Sale

“SHEIN really believes in the creativity of Malaysian designers and I’m very grateful that they’re now highlighting our work,” shares Yaya Zahir. “I’m happy for this opportunity to finally showcase my designs to everyone.”

To date, 12 homegrown Malaysian designers including Miriam Omar, Sherwan Rozan, Carson Wong, Laven.L, Valerie Hsin, AIYMY, JewelSum, ZUUSAHA, and Season Lye have come onboard the SHEIN X program.

Miriam Omar was the only Southeast Asian designer selected for the #SHEINforall Spring/Summer Virtual Runway Show in 2022, once again affirming the quality of fashion designers emerging from Malaysia.

The stylish output of this talented group of designers demonstrates SHEIN’s presence in Malaysia and SHEIN’s full support of the work of lokal designers and creators.

“It’s very gratifying to see an international brand give recognition to Malaysian fashion designers,” says SHEIN X 100K Challenge Most Creative Award winner Li Wen. “Hopefully, this inspires more Malaysians to get into fashion design.”

On 9 September, SHEIN will be launching its 9.9 Mega Sale. Expect up to discounts of 90% off on the SHEIN website and mobile app.

For the period covering 26 August to 13 September, the work of the 12 homegrown Malaysian designers will be part of the sale event. From 9 to 11 September, enjoy free shipping on purchases from lokal designers with no minimum spend.

Visit, or visit the SHEIN Malaysia Facebook and Instagram accounts to start adding to your closets. Download the SHEIN Malaysia app on the App Store and Google Play as the #SHEIN99sale draws near to #supportlokal and truly Be Wonderful, Be The Best Version Of You.

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