Making Sustainable Living at Home a Reality 

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Making Sustainable Living at Home a Reality | IKEA empowers Malaysians to kickstart their sustainability journey together with ‘Start Small, Start Here’ initiatives. 

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle can be a challenge to some, not knowing how to take that first step. One of the easiest ways to start is to make small yet impactful changes in our very own homes.  After all, everything we do in our day-to-day lives have a negative impact on the planet, from the food consumed, to carbon footprints from vehicles from commuting to the energy utilised to power our homes.  It’s the small changes that make a difference. 

Aiming to educate Malaysians on the in-and-outs of sustainability and how they can play a role in enabling a climate positive environment through inspiring consumers to adopt sustainable habits in the way they live their lives. Be it through choosing sustainably made products for your home or opting for food choices which leave a lesser impact on the environment, these are the small steps we can take to strive to live better lives at home. 

In our continuous effort to create a climate positive and circular environment, IKEA has rolled out several initiatives amongst employees and on-ground and adapted the way we develop our products. After all, small changes make for big impact. Selecting materials from sustainable sources for our products is key – opting for materials from renewable or recyclable sources. For instance, the cotton in our products comes from more sustainable sources and we have also increased the use of natural fibres including rattan, cork and bamboo. As part of our commitment towards reaching our sustainability goals, we have also implemented the IKEA Waste Watchers Programme, which measures and reports 100% of IKEA food waste with the aim of reducing food waste by 50% and refreshed IKEA uniforms for staff that are made from sustainable textiles in support of the IKEA commitment to reduce the climate footprint.

“To meet the challenges of unsustainable consumption, climate change, and growing inequality, we are taking ambitious steps towards a more sustainable future. At IKEA we aim to become more convenient and more affordable for our customers and more sustainable for our planet. We hope to Inspire our consumers to live a better everyday life ensuring that sustainable living is possible for all, together. Our ‘Start Small, Start Here’ initiative strives to do just that,” said Gerard Jansen, Country Retail Director (Malaysia), IKEA Southeast Asia.

During this Ramadan / Raya season, IKEA aims to inspire Malaysians to proactively kickstart sustainable living practices at home with a wide range of sustainability sourced solutions at affordable prices. 

Making Sustainable Living at Home a Reality 

3 Tips to lead a sustainable lifestyle at home this Raya! 

There are fuss-free ways to prepare for a zero-waste Raya starting from none other than your own homes!

1. Conserving energy 

Take small steps to conserve your energy consumption habits at home and be mindful of your usage. If you are planning to refurbish your house, it is a good time to switch to energy saving LED bulbs as it uses up to 85% less energy and last 10 times longer than incandescent ones.  Create an outdoor Insta-worthy background for family photos and try solar powered ornamental lights to brighten up the space! Here’s a tip: Why not use rechargeable batteries instead too?

2. Think Twice Before Throwing

As tempting as it is to go to the shopping and buy new and fresh Raya decorations this year, be inspired with your creativity and bring new life to old decorations to spruce up your homes. 

If you’re looking to inject a breath of fresh air into your homes, opt for products that are made up of sustainable materials such as bamboo, natural fibres, or renewable based wood. Get inspired and check out ideas on how to spruce out your homes with decorations to impress your guests this Raya at

3. Consume responsibly

Did you know that adopting healthier and responsible eating habits also contribute to living sustainability?  Let us make a resolution to do better this year! Overindulgence may provide you with the so much of enjoyment you want, but it also puts us at risk of food waste. When prepping for Raya feasts, why not portion out sufficient quantities for your guests to avoid wastage? In the instance of leftovers, always remember to use reusable glass containers and there’s your next meal ready for you.

Remember that being sustainable needs to start from within, start small and you can start here at IKEA. 

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