Driving Tips to Singapore from Johor Bahru

Driving Tips to Singapore from Johor Bahru

Driving Tips to Singapore from Johor Bahru | Hey! It has been a while I wrote travel tips in this blog. So today, let me share driving tips to Singapore from Johor Bahru. I’m sure all traveller especially people from Johor Bahru must feel the longing to travel to Singapore, right? Since the country’s borders were closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our movement was limited. Hope the COVID-19 epidemic is eradicated immediately so that travel activities to Singapore can be continued as usual.

There are many ways to get to Singapore, including taking a bus, train, plane or driving. But the cheapest way is by driving. To make things easier, it’s a good idea to prepare a checklist before starting the trip. It’s up to you whether to enter Tuas Checkpoint or Woodlands Checkpoint. The first and most important thing is to make sure the passport is still valid. Your passport needs to be active and the expiry to be at least in 6 months.

Next, check road tax and car insurance whether it is still valid or not. Contact the insurance company to find out whether it is covered or not in the event of an accident abroad.

Most importantly exchange money for expenses, toll payments, parking coupons, VEP (Vehicle Entry Permit), Reciprocal Road Charge (RRC) and Auto Pass card purchases. These charges apply only for certain days and times.

Internet roaming data needs to be activated for the use of the WAZE application or Google Maps. If you are a post-paid user, you need to call the centre first to activate roaming. If you are a prepaid user, it will automatically roam. The final part and the most important thing, if you are planning to stay in Singapore you must plan and choose the right hotel depending on your itinerary. Plan your itinerary as best you can so that you can spend your time well.

Driving Tips to Singapore from Johor Bahru

If you plan on exploring the attractions around the Marina Bay area, you can check out Pan Pacific Singapore. The hotel is Centrally located in Marina Bay and minutes away from the most iconic attractions. Don’t forget to go to the Garden by The Bay which is one of the attractions there. Gardens by the Bay site is made up of Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden across the mouth of the Singapore River. All three gardens will be interconnected via a series of pedestrian bridges to form a larger loop along the whole waterfront and linked to surrounding developments, open public spaces, transport nodes and attractions.

Driving Tips to Singapore from Johor Bahru

If you plan to go to Universal Studios Singapore, then check out hotel in Resorts World Sentosa. You save time on travelling from your hotel and spend more time exploring places of interest.

Another activity that can be done is to try their local cuisine. There are various halal food restaurants in Geylang that you can try including Murtabak Singapore, Sup Tulang Merah, Telur Dadar Tiram, Kek Lobak Merah, Nasi Briyani and many more. So, don’t forget to try the delicious cuisine there.

I hope these tips can help you before embarking on a trip to Singapore. Enjoy the beauty of Singapore.

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