Jom Register MY FamilyMart Mobile App

Jom Register MY FamilyMart Mobile App | Assalamu’alaikum. Semalam duk scroll facebook terus ternampak latest update dari page FamilyMart. Dorang dah lancarkan MY FamilyMart mobile app yeay!

Apa kelebihan yang korang boleh dapat dari MY FamilyMart mobile app ni?

  • Welcome Reward
  • Birthday Reward
  • Special Discounts
  • Famipoints & Rewards

Wahhh best tu.. especially untuk kipas-susah-mati-FamilyMart la kan. Kalau korang bukan kaki FM tak payah la kot hahaha.

Oleh kerana Ummi one of the FamilyMart die hard fans hahaha. Cepat-cepatlah Ummi mendownload MY FamilyMart mobile app. Korang boleh download di AppStore (iOS) dan PlayStore (Android). Jawab beberapa soalan dah siap! Tak sabar nak redeem voucher dan kumpul point hehe. Alang-alang memborong makanan kat FamilyMart baiklah register member untuk dapat kelebihan yang ditawarkan. Tak gitu? :p

Download MY FamilyMart mobile app:

Ini ada latest update.. silalah baca & redeem Weekly Voucher 1 Sofuto (any falvour) for FREE yeay!

Got our NEW MY FamilyMart mobile app yet?

Start receiving weekly vouchers once you spent a min RM5* purchase. On your week 1, get 1 FREE Sofuto of your choice!

Download here:

*T&C include:
– Receive the voucher within 24hours after your 1st min RM5 purchase.
– Purchase must be made 1 month from the sign up date.
– Redemption is 1 time only.
– Voucher valid only for 1 week.
– RM5 purchase exclude tobacco services and plastic bags.

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