4 Wonderful Years.. Thanks Babah! Ummi Loves You More & More ;)

Anniversary From The Bottom Of My Heart My Hero Beso

am so glad and thankful that we have come this far and so far..

am so glad that our lives and relationship getting better and better each day..

my life is so meaningful for having you part of me and our “hero kechik” is actually made us even happier..

may Allah bless our life and the life of all the people that we love and care about..

thanks for always being  there for me..

thanks for being a great husband & babah..

thanks for being a shoulder to cry on..

I can’t think of many ways to say thanks..

I can say it a million times..

I’m truley happy that you are my husband..

and I thank ALLAH every night before I go to bed that I’m your wife and mom to your son..

thanks again for being there for me..

cause I can’t imagine my life without having you..

you are truly the greatest husband I can have..

and I wanna let you know that I’m very thankful that you are my husband..

lets celebrate our wonderful day tonight 🙂

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary..

Love you babah!

Muaaaahhhh 😉


Ummi & Ilham Syahmi


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