Make Penang Breastfeeding Friendly – 1 Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding

Date: Sunday, 9th October 2011
Time: 3:15pm – 5:00pm
Venue: Straits Quay, Penang.

1. “1 Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding” (Pre-registration is required at We encourage all breastfeeding mothers in Penang to come along and show your support by breastfeeding your baby all together at 4pm at the event. Mothers from all over Malaysia, you are cordially invited to join us virtually, together with mothers in Penang and also mothers in the hospitals around Malaysia. You can be ANYWHERE! Just breastfeed your child/ren on 9th Oct at 4pm for 1 minute.
2. Free entrance.
3. Free refreshment.
3. Free face painting.
4. Exciting games and prizes to be won.

For any inquiries, please email us at or go to MMPS website at



BF Mommies.. jom join “1 Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding”. Saya dah buat pre-registration, ibu2 bila lagi?? :)To my hero kechik.. Ilham Syahmi.. sila bagi kerjasama ya 9 Oct nanti.. Ummi tahu Ilham memang suka aktiviti ni kan 🙂


We’ve received your details.

We will send you reminders before the event via email. Do check your email frequently. =)


1. Breastfeed your child/ren on 9th Oct at 4pm for 1 minute.
2. (Only for mothers who join us virtually) After breastfeeding for 1 minute,SMS us immediately to the number below:

If you’re from Kedah, Penang, Perak or Perlis, SMS ONLY to 012-4588 582.
If you’re from KL, Selangor or Negeri Sembilan, SMS ONLY to 017-5533 208.
If you’re from Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan, Sabah or Sarawak, SMS ONLY to 012-476 0089.

(SMS example: Connie Mooi, Teoh Zao Yang,


1. SMS to ONLY ONE number (according to your state) to avoid duplication and ease the counting process.
2. Save the SMS number now into your phone. Just one number, according to your state. =)
3. For mothers who join us virtually, to qualify for the e-cert, you must SMS us on 9th Oct after breastfeeding for 1 minute, before 4:30pm.

Thanks all! Happy Breastfeeding! A gift that lasts a lifetime!


Best regards,


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