Kena Attend Workshop

Ari nie saya teramat lah busy.. ari nie saya n semua Head of Section including my HOD kena attend HSE Workshop.. emmm actually nie department punye initiatives.. just to discuss on 2009 punye Workplan.. n maybe my work load will be reduced.. Alhamdulillah.. saya kena focus more on governance next year.. whatever la.. I will try to do my best..

Lunch hour tadi..all of us kuar lunch kat Pizza Hut Nusa Bestari..fuhhhh.. konyang gilo makcik..hehehe~ siap tapau lagi bawak balik bagi kat hubby muahahaha~ rezeki dia.. kebetulan tgh keje siang.. tapi 1 slice je la..bahagian saya yang x abis dimakan.. (next time kite kuar ae.. tunggu gaji masuk..hehehe~)

Pas tu kitorang balik semula ke PTP.. n continue our workshop until 5.30pm.. Ingatkan nak balik awal coz malam nie nak gi pasar malam.. tapi masuk ofis jap.. sekejap lagi balik nie..hehehe~

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