Malam nie nak tngok movie “Ayat2 Cinta” kat tv3 kul 9pm..(dh siap set alarm dh nie..hehehe) cam best jek..will update in the next lain dh puas hfl jln cite n script tp aku bru nk tngok..hehehe..maklum ler aku mane pnah gi tngok wayang..sian ek..hehehehe
Ari nie birthday ayah yg ke 49 thun..uiksss..dah tua gak ayah aku nie..hehehe..ape ek nk bg present kt ayah..blum bg ape2 lg..ala..aku bg special present 18/10 nie la..thun nie ayah pnye present..dapat menantu..hehehehe..amacam ok x?
ps: To my beloved father..”Happy birthday..May Allah bless our family especially u..”

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