Taurus Dec ’06

December 2006
As the month begins, Taurus, you’ll have the urge to make some changes. Try to imagine what you can do to make your life easier and more comfortable. A frustrating day on Monday, December 4, will be full of tight deadlines and roadblocks. Spend a quiet evening at home on December 6, working on a creative project. People around you will be restless for the remainder of the week, but you’ll prefer to hear about their adventures second hand. During the week of December 11, life will be more serious, and you’ll need to work hard and be productive. You may have to tune out some of the time-wasting discussions that can be avoided. You’ll be at a standstill regarding a decision on Sunday, December 17. A difficult aspect with Saturn will create hassles that you weren’t expecting. Another busy week will be upon you on December 18. You’ll be pulled in many directions and will have a lot of errands to complete before the holidays. You can get a lot done, though, with your natural methodical approach and stubborn determination. Make a list and plan your time accordingly for best results. At the Winter Solstice on December 21, you’ll feel like settling in by the fire, but you may have to wait for a few days to relax. You won’t feel very motivated as the month winds down. Extravagance this month will begin to take its toll and reality will set in when you check your bank balance.

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