Taurus – The Female

Ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love, the Taurus female possesses the happy knack of making men feel marvellous right from the outset. With a love of good food and elegant restaurants, she often sets her sights on a “swish” house where she can play the hostess to perfection. There is, however, a dangerous tendency for the Taurus woman to be overly possessive of those she loves.
This female will constantly remain attractive, retaining her “bloom” for many years and being constantly concerned about her appearance. An excellent homemaker, she knows exactly what she wants in the material sense. However, she is not always wise in the philosophic sense. The Taurus woman learns quickly and, with experience, soon becomes a valuable asset to any man who places a successful marriage high on his list for happiness. Nevertheless, there will be many “ups and downs” in the life of a Taurus female for although she is capable of whole-hearted love, she can also be very contrary and resentful if provoked. There is no danger of the Taurus woman ever going on a spending spree for she is by nature frugal and usually careful with money. Once committed, the Taurus woman is faithful and true, believing from an early age in the “one and only” type of love. Even later in life, should she experience disillusionment and a crushing of her ideal, she continues to hold fast to her vision of one lasting union. A romantic at heart, this female demands absolute fidelity. Not one to mince words, especially in matters of the heart, the Taurus woman detests mind games and teasing and is seldom (if ever) impulsive.
Often described as having the smile of a Mona Lisa and a sensual look in her eyes, the Taurus female is nonetheless far from promiscuous and will seek security and stability in any relationship. The casual affair is not for this woman. In many ways, she is the perfect personification of the old-fashioned girl, being devoted and protective…one who loves and nurtures and gives of her strength. She is is open, affectionate and demonstrative. With a secure sense of her own judgment, she trusts her instincts and refuses to be affected by any negative comments directed toward a loved one by another party. Women governed by this Sign make the most devoted and constant wives, willing to endure the greatest privations and making the most extreme sacrifices for those they love. However, the Taurus female needs to be constantly on guard against insincere sympathy and evil-minded flattery since her kind and sympathetic nature will make her most susceptible. Unless this woman is very careful, she can easily be led far astray.
Extremely independent, the Taurus woman has the sheer determination to succed in life, being stable, secure and loyal. Down-to-earth and normally easy-going, to say nothing of being blessed with a most fascinating and charming personality, she is not difficult to get to know and this tends to draw the opposite sex to her side. Essentially, a homebody, on the occasions when the Taurus female does go out, she is “dressed to the nines” and although appreciative of compliments every now and again, hates to be smothered with attention. Generally, the Taurus woman is graceful and often has a very attractive, well-formed figure. However, she will constantly be fighting a battle with calories due to her weakness for fattening foods.
Lavish with affection and warm-hearted, women of Taurus are usually dearly loved by all who know them…they are indeed counted among the most amiable, magnetic and hypnotic of females. Despite her repeated attempts at domination, the Taurus woman truly wants her partner to be the boss and, if allowed to take over the relationship, is likley to lose all respect for her mate. Although she may grumble at being dominated, she secretly prefers to be ruled because it makes her feel protected. Nevertheless, a certain amount of freedom to do with what she chooses is important and it would be wise for any man involved with a Taurus female to give way on this point. As a mother, the Taurus woman is excellent. She will have a great love for her children…always seeing to their physical needs, ministering to their aches and pains, comforting them and helping them. She will also display much skill and wisdom in their management, to say nothing of winning the esteem and confidence of her children through affection and by cheerfully cajoling them into completing assigned tasks. That having been said, the Taurus mother is no pushover and can, if called for, be quite severe with her children. On the more negative side, she is not necessarily tolerant should they step out of line or attempt to express their own personalities in ways of which she does not approve. Blessed with a marvellous sense of humor where her children are concerned, the Taurus female tends to be a better mother to boys than to girls.
Taurus women are fond of fancy work and excel in its reproduction. They are also quite handy with the brush and pencil. Generally, they meet with success in such professions as demonstrators and dressmakers, and make for very efficient clerks, cashiers and bookkeepers. Many display a great talent in the literary arena, particularly that of correspondent. In essence, the Taurus female is a true romantic…serene, unaffected, artistic and good-natured. She is very appealing to the opposite sex but is never anything less than elegant with an impeccable sense of taste. She likes to be flattered, cajoled and teased. She also adores being told by her partner that she is loved…she may not always take it seriously, but the she does so love to hear it. It is important to thank this woman for what she does since she cannot bear to be taken for granted. Above all else, the Taurus woman craves affection.

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